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Hi, just signed up so very new to this,

I am writing for my son, he lives in LA. He is having a very difficult time making ends meet. He has a job, for that we are thankful, but he can hardly makes enough to make it through each month. His car, after having over 300,000 miles on it, decided to end it's days on earth. So now he is without a car. It takes him 3 hrs to get to work now, with bus and metro, then works, and gets home, over 15 hour day or more. He has medical bills of $18,000 hanging over his head. He was very ill last spring, had no insurance, so medical bills piled up very fast, now he is being harassed by bill collectors, ect....he doesn't have the money to pay them. We are trying to help with a car, but his grandmother is able to help more than what we can.
Many people have so many problems on this sites, it saddens my heart for all the need that is out there. I don't know if anyone can help, there are so many people who have needs, our problem isn't as harsh as many others.
I pray that everyone, no matter how, can receive some help big or small.
Thank you to anyone that can help.....we need to all help each other....
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hi there,

             my name is mike and i'm not sure if this is the place i need to explain my wifes wishes or not . my wife of 5 yrs now as of dec 6th/2008 has 4 major brain aneurisyms yes this is true. i personally a disabled and we are both on diability.. we are in london,ontario canada. my wife and i have been through alot with going to the hospital and appointments every year that we have forgotten to have any fun in our lives..

we both love each other very much and my wife has some wishes that i know are completely impossible for me to accomplish!

wish one is to have a pt cruiser. yes a car.

wish two is too have trailer part fees paid for so she can go camping.. 

now we have a campground in our city limits  which is fantastic but i cannot afford to grant her wishes.

if anyone knows what it is like for someone to have aneurisyms it is like some walking with a time bomb ready to go off..

my wife's life is not great and i know that someday she will evently die because of her situation and i will be devistated..

history: we met online she is originally from mexico where her mother beat her on a daily basis. her family has treated her terribly all her life . her father died in mexico from aides fooling around on her mother. she left mexico and landed in aylmer,ontario. where she met a man and married quickly because her mother had sent her to canada to set up a place for her and the family..the man she married turned out to be a very bad person and married her to cover up his own problem that he was gay.. which he didn't bother to tell her. then she divorced him after catching him in a hotel with another man. after that she met a man who she thought was nice but ended up using her for money and labour.. soaked her dry.. by the time i met her and took her away from all the situations she was in she had to go bankrupt.. good thing but not now she has no means of credit..i was in the same situation because of my ex as well and went bankrupt as well.. this is only part of the situation i could go on but to keep this short all i can say is because of our situation we cannot purchase or get any extra funds to grant my wifes wishes.. this is my one and only hope to help her i have tried getting credit but no hope..before it's too late..

all i want for my smart intelligent lovelly wife is to have what she always wanted before she dies.

thankyou for reading and god bless.

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 i need some advice so i,m asking anyone that know anything about how to apply for a grant, with no money back, also where to apply please help me nookie 1956. i listern to anything you say.

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I keep hitting the books trying to look for a way to survive.....I know God is keeping me strong but it sure isn't paying the bills. What do you do when you can't afford to survive anymore?
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Garnett Martin

My name is Garnett Martin and I have recently lost which should have never happened. My family is trying to work our way back up but it is difficult since wehave not been able to find jobs here in Greenfield Indiana. My fiance is getting ready to finish CNA classes and will be starting a job here in the next couple of weeks and I will be taking some phlebotomy classes here soon. We have four young children all 8 and under and we are getting some assistance for food and utilities but we are unable to find anyone that can help out with a van payment. Our van payment is almost 2 months behind and if we cannot come up with a payment of $454 by the 22nd of this month they are going to repossess the van. We cannot afford to have this happen because then I will not be able to travel to take my classes and my fiance will not be able to travel for the job she was looking at taking. This is such a mess and I am in very dire need so if there is anyone out there that could possibly help I would very much appreciate it. My phone number is 317-318-9121 and I am home just about all the time so please if any one can help please contact me in the next couple of days.

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 in response to mheppler...   

sometimes all we need is a shoulder to "cry" on, and someone to empathize or maybe someone to pray with or for us. I wouldn't call it a pity pit, more like venting arena and the hope that there may be some information that will help

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 in response to bluenun...   

its the love of money thats the root of all evil...and thats where our country is people will do just about anything for money even hurt others...its terribly sad but our government is the same

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 in response to tammy18...   

I feel for your family. Maybe your brother could live with a relative or a friend. Then he wouldn't have to pay for rent. If the children's mother is deceased the children may be able to collect social security benefits. Check out hud. gov maybe your brother can qualify for section 8 housing. This will help pay for a portion of his rent. They may even be able to find him a less expensive place to live. Community Action agency might be able to recommned places to help out with food. There are federal grants that social services are given to assit with electric and heating bills. I hope that this information has helped. God bless You! God's Helper

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I would like to introduce the Wilson Family, Michael, Dawn, Amy, David, Emalie and Madyson.  Michael is just recently home from a 15 month tour to Iraq.  This was their third tour in 4 years.  Dawn is a stay at home mother of 4 wonderful children, she suffers from an autoimmune disease.  She is always in pain, someday worse than others, but none the less she still takes care of her family.  Amy is a full time college student and works two jobs.  David is a high school student, he runs track and is very active with the Boy Scouts of America (he just received Life).  Emalie is a pre kindergarten student; she is an active little girl with none medicated ADHD. She loves horses and wants to ride them.  Madyson is a miracle baby; she was born at just 26 weeks gestation weighing in at 3lbs 2ozs and 15 inches long.  As with most premature babies Madyson suffers from some slight lung issues.  She is on 2 daily inhalers through the winter months and just one during spring, summer and fall.


Two years ago they moved into a beautiful, 4 bedroom farm house that sits on approx. 35 acres located at 409 S. Liberty Troy Illinois that is owned by a family member.  The property has recently gone up on the market and is set to go up for auction in August 2008; they desperately want to stay on this property but can not afford the asking price of $490,000 on their own.  Dawn has spoke many times about if they could stay on the property in the house she wanted to utilize about 10 acres total of the property (including the land the house sits on) wanting to put in a great big garden, 1 or 2 dairy cows, and some chickens.  With the Economy the way that it is she wants her children to know that there are other ways to live, natural ways.  There is so much I could tell you, but you would have to hear it from her to understand where her heart is.  Being out here has given so much to their family.  They are much closer; Dawn and Madyson are much healthier.  When they first moved out here Dawn weighed 230 lbs and her pain was so bad we were lucky to get her out of bed three days a week and Madyson was always sick with breathing problems.  Now Dawn weighs 179 lbs and is very active with the children. She is in less pain and eating healthier, as are the children.  Amy, David, Emalie and Madyson are very happy here, they have a very healthy and rich relationship with each other and also with their Mother and Father.  This health and happiness, that so many long for, is about to be torn out from under them.  PLEASE DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.  If there is anyone out there that can help the Wilson’s please contact them at the following

Email: wilsonfunk@sbcglobal.netPhone: 618-580-0609Address: 409 South Liberty Road              Troy Illinois 62294

Thank you,

Family of the Wilson’s

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 in response to Emil...   

thanks for this explanation


maybe you can put it on a FAQ sheet or something. I haven't been in  since I created the page and I am more lost than a tourist on a strange street in a foreign city. I am also incredibly bad at social networking because of the time and expense involved with the internet and admit it. I  come into the internet only for work purposes and so the email messages coming into me  totally confused me.


I lost all bookmarks and my entire internet network in the last computer crash along with many, many years of work, so there was little way to track back and daily life  is just overwhelming-- so I wish to thank you for this explanation and for your page, because they are  both welcoming.


the grand announcement, "this site  s-x"  rather hit me in the face after 17month absence, but it reflects the attitude and demeanor of the person and not the site itself.

I have to go now. I never get the day's work done that I set out to do and life is very precarious as normal. I will try to find out a little moe in future, but internet is really very overwhelming force to me.  It makes me feel very vulnerable and exposed and a  grain of sand in the ocean.

 I feel guilty for absence, but I was absent from internet fror nearly the year because of stress and poverty. I'm crazy like an ant or bee-- when disaster hit my life and destroys the work I've done, then I just start working all over again in the midst of the catastrophe--and I just work around the clock. It seems stupid and mindless, but it's the nature of the insect.

So my thanks for the  clarification and notes to offeset the crass remarks I discovered on re-entry. 

I will try to return, but I get mental fatigue just opening my email box. So many people in such desperate need... fills my heart with incredible sadness  for all of them.

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depressed Donna
 in response to keith123...   

Hi Keith,

    I'm depressed Donna.  I have been in your shoes more than once.  The first time the bank took my house because I didn't know my rights.  There was more equity in the house than what we owed on it.  I am now divorced, my 3 children are grown and on there own..  I was working at a hospital as a cardiology tech. when I lost my job due to my depression.  It's a long story.  I was 4 months behind on my mortgage.  I called the bank and we worked things out.  They modified my loan, added the past due amount, stretched it to a 40 year loan and gave me a 4% interest rate.  Banks don't want your house.  They have enough of them with the housing market the way it is.  I too tried to end it all.  It is so overwhelming.  I am 50 years old.  I had to sell my car so I don't even have transportation.   I live out in the boonies.  My electric bill is up to $3220.  They put a lien on my house.  Apartments are more than my mortgage payment.  On June 5th it will be 4 years since I have worked, driven a car, or have gone outside other than my doctor's appts. and I miss a lot of those.  My internet is going next.  I hate to see that go.  It is my only connection to the outside world.  I feel terrible for you because I know how hard it is and the older you get the harder it is to find a job.  If you haven't talked to the bank about modifying your mortgage, try it.  All they can do is say no.  I wish the best for you.  Donna

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I am the young mother of two small children who both have health issues, one is blind, one has bad asthma and is in the hospital A LOT! 

I was laid off the last time my child was hospitalized because I missed nearly a month of work to be by his side. I am now only temping, but looking for full-time/perm work asap but have had zero luck after many many many interviews.

Both of my parents are deceased and my only sibling passed from terminal illness, so I dont have family besides my children. I dont have anyone I can borrow from or talk to about my sorrow at this time. I really feel so alone and hopeless, but I guess when it rains, it poors, right?

I keep telling myself that THIS TOO SHALL PASS, but it never does.

I know there are people out there worse off then I am, but right now I am a couple days away from being with no home, lights, food, or anything for that matter.

My rent is late, I have about 30 percent of my rent but that is all, my utility bill is due and being shut off in 6 days and I have very little of anything to dig us out of this hole right now. I keep praying and praying, so bad that it hurts, but it still doesnt get better.

Anybody out there? please help me and my babies


God Bless you all



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 in response to margo2...   

Is this a housing court order to pay the $800 into the court for past rent, or is it the landlord forcing you to pay the $800 or be evicted?

What State do you live in? In Minnesota, and most Midwest states allow the eviction if it first goes through the proper course through the housing court. Here in Minnesota, a landlord cannot focibly evict a tenant without going through court to get a judgment order to evict.

Contact your local housing attorney at legal services or a non-profit organization in your community that deals with landlord and tenant laws.

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 in response to sleepless mom...   

I don't think your landlord can kick you out for not paying the rent after 25 days. I know that Minnesota law doesn't permit it unless there is a risk of damage to the property or until there is an an unlawful detainer filed in housing court after there was a court order to remove yourself after an eviction proceeding.

I do not know what State you live in but contact your housing law librarian or attorney services for the poor. They will direct you to the help in your area.

Please check this out and contact your united Way or Salvation Army for financial assistance.

Talk to Brighan
 in response to joann5...   

I have  a question for you whether your father served in any branch of the military services. If he did serve at least 180 days in active service, then he should qualify for burial benefits. Call your local Veteran's Administration to get the ball rolling.

Your father's probate proceeding should recover your father's assets before anyone claims a lien on it.

Contact your legal services office for free questions you have about your financial difficulties.

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I'm getting desperate. I was let go from a very well paying job in april of last year, I managed to keep everything current until my unemployment ran out. I had a highly technical and skilled Job in a manager role at a Major corporation. I was let go due to a reduction in workforce. I'm in Ohio.

I keep getting told I'm over qualified, I'm willing to do any kind of work but to get any type of Government assistance to save my home I must make at least 718 net per week I'm 2 months behind on my mortgage nearing 3 payments are  1400 per month now have a wife and 2 kids 19 &17. I was the sole provider, my wife cant make enough to get us through this, she dosent even have a GED. It will take at least 6000 to save my home. I know they will file any day to take it.  

I've been trying to start my own business, I'm a Computer Security Expert but people only want to hire the kids these days. I have a good track record with work and never dreamed this would happen. I feel worthless. I even went to apply for welfare, and take food from some of the food banks to feed my family. I want to work! I apply everyday and was just turned down today for a low level help desk position, they said my qualifications were excellent but were not a match. I think they think I'd move on when something better comes along. Thanks to the tax refund I've been able to help keep things going another month (without paying mortgage) I just don't know what to do, I could and have been approved to go get a degree but I'm 40 and will lose everything before even starting school. I know how to protect companies and people from ID theft and would love to help educate parents on how to help protect their kids on the net.

Can anyone give me some advise, I think All hope is lost, heck I can't even get a job at a MCDonalds too overqualified. Tried Retail stores but again they want the kids. I have been trying everything, I have thought of ending it all but I have my wife of 22 years to think about and my 17 year old girl. Son can't even pay his own bills at 19 and he works as a stocker.

To top it all off my back was injured 2 years before my termination on the job I was working so I have some physcial limitations, even when I try to hide them they can see me walk in with a limp. Tried temp services and everything and I have professional certifications to prove I know what I'm doing with computers, I just suffer with the pain as BWC is trying to even cut my access to medication, I have a wworkmans comp lawyer but he is doing all he can to try to help. no luck yet and I think it will be too little to late if he can help. I'm even willing to travel upto 90% of the time if I have to. I see these people at OJDFS that dont even want to work, I DO.

 Any advice is greatly appreciated, I don;t want sucked into one of the scams out there that will take the little I have left (not much at all since unemployment year ended and they give me nothing now) 

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HI my nane is joann and i need help my dad died on the 31 of last month and i spent my bill money to go to his funeral and help pay for it . now im behind on phone, cable ,mortgage can anybody help.i didnt know with funerals you have to pay up front you cant make payments and money was already tight since work cut our hours.

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i need some help for home repairs - i am literally looking underneath the house in the bathroom! i was told that the joists underneath the bathroom are rotted and need to be replaced.  Of course, my homeowners insurance does not cover i am really stuck. me and my granddaughter are staying with my sister and our mother in their apartment. i work at a call center so i don't make anywhere near the money necesary for this repair. i barely managed to hold on to the house last year but i did! i would appreciate any help i can get!! this is the first time i have ever tried this - actually, i never heard of this website before - i found it by accident surfing on google for loans. i tell you, this would be a real miracle to me if someone could help me.

Talk to n2hope

I will pray for you . I understand completely.  Have you been to court for an eviction yet? If not you still have some time. All I know to offer in advice is contact your welfare office and get help and get a list for resources for utility help and ask a friend if you and your daughter can stay with them for alittle while. I would offer to clean thier house and cook for them in return for a roof over my head. If you have no money at all or a job, you can usually get emergency foodstamps at your local welfare office. I will pray for you. God Bless

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