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I will pray for you . I understand completely.  Have you been to court for an eviction yet? If not you still have some time. All I know to offer in advice is contact your welfare office and get help and get a list for resources for utility help and ask a friend if you and your daughter can stay with them for alittle while. I would offer to clean thier house and cook for them in return for a roof over my head. If you have no money at all or a job, you can usually get emergency foodstamps at your local welfare office. I will pray for you. God Bless

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i need help i will help u get a job here in tuscaloosa al it's over 400 jobs available here

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I need help. I'm a single mother of 2 little girls who works really hard to try to make ends meet. I just found out yesterday that I have until Friday to pay $800 or I will be evicted and I have nowhere to go. I have no food for my kids and only have about $4 in my pocket which isn't going to get me far with gas prices. My electric and cable are also getting ready to be turned off. I am willing to pay back with interest if necessary just to get out of this situation and not have to move my children to a shelter. Please someone help me.

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Does this method of aid really help and how long does it take to receive assistance?

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I like this idea.. I think it needs to be developed a bit more, but just think if only a small number of people gave only $1 a day or a week what a huge difference that could make in so many peoples lives.  I think if we all cut back on our Latte's from Starbucks one day a week that's like $5 right there.  I'm putting together a website with this very concept.

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sleepless mom
I am a single mom working over 50 hours per week to pay my bills and expenses and my landlord just terminated my lease and is giving me 25 days to get out its me and my daughter shes two and the cost for providing for her is really expensive i keep looking for places to move on craigslist and either are scams or rediculous i need help
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my friend is 76 years old going through a divorce he has been left with nothing, he can barely afford to keep a roof over his head and he has no car to get to the veterans hospital ,work, or grocery store i am trying to find him help to get a car i would by it for him myself but i dont have the financial means to do so.  

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Hello sheri,

   We were away from the pc but we received your message.  First we would like to say we can't believe how someone in your situation thought to even comment back much less offer our family clothing.  God bless you!  And yes we would love the clothing and if your church cannot ship the items then maybe we could pay for the shipping?  How much do you think that is.?  Were suppose to receive an income tax return some time within a few weeks  (most would go towards bills but we would love to send you something for your kindness as soon as we receive it.  We have 3 girls and two boys.  Our eldest daughter is 18 and expecting soon and goes to college part time right now so any baby items are needed as well.  The ages are as follows     18, 17, 16, 14, 11  sizes 8to10 are perfect.  I do not know about the sz0 however could an 11 yr old where this?  She is really tall for her age and can wear a size 7 or 8 in teen clothing.   I should have said any thing that can be sent used or not is great with us.  I suppose even food as long as it is still in date.  THat is a great idea.  Thank you for your reply                     We will pray for you and your daughter as well.                Texfamily  


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I have women sizes 8 to 10 and  baby clothing if that will help. also some teen (girl) sizes in I think zero's.  I am in my own tramitic situation however if it will help you, I will take them to a church and see if they would pay to ship them.  Let me know.

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My family is in serious need of help.  We pay all our bills but it is difficult to get food, clothing for our children.  I can honestly say that no matter what we do we never can get enough food. Welfare says we make to much money!!  I can't believe it.  We went to food pantry's and though give very little for a family with 7 persons and 5 of those are children!  Our living expenses could not be less. We have one vehicle as we can't afford two and gasoline is so high that we can't go anywhere that may eat up our way to work. There are absolutely no extras.  We couldn't even buy a package of hamburger this last paycheck.  I do not know what else to do.  We looked for cheaper living but there are none cheaper than this!  The children clothing is embarressing and there is nothing I can do about it.  If anyone could help with say and food cards or clothing cards we would be blessed more than you will ever know and we would be very appreciate of anything that could be done.  You may email me at if you have anyquestions .  Bless everyone here!


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I am a mother of three kids one has asbergers syndrome and doesnt due well with cahnge that is why i am looking for some assistance and for my other children as well so they dont freeze. we recently had to put our house up for sale as a short sale because we ended up with o laon that the payment was too high that we cuoldnt make our payments with all of our other bills we had before ever getting the home and then to top it off we were fruaded by a company promising that they could get us a loan and that all's we had to do is pay an insurance fee of 4,500 that we didnt have so they told us to go get some payday loans and then we could just pay them off with our loan they would be giving us.. well that never happened they took us for a ride.. and left us with payday loans to pay. Now this payday my husband had his whole paycheck confiscated from one of the payday loans that we owe. and we are now about to lose our van because we are behind 1589.00 and if we dont pay that then we will be loseing it and it is the only reliable vehicle we own. then our gas bill we have to pay 459.00 or they will shut us off. our electric bill we have a payment arrangement and we have to pay 173.00 by april 3 2008 or it will go back to the past oweing due in full of 756.00.  my city bill i owe 179.00 or they will shut off my water. and we have let all of our other bills go to get this far with our bills. our other loan people are ready to take legal action if we to dont get caught up right now. please if anybody knows of any help or that can get me out of this situation please help asap they can email me at Thanks kitkat2


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This is my first message, so please bear with me.Hi, my husband is very sick and we are searching for some money to help us with these extremely difficult times.  He has not worked for a couple months due to his health.  We have 2 daughters who attend school, ages 10 and 8. I am also attending college but may not be able to finish due to husband's health. I have faith in God and I do believe that miracles do happen for those who believe and trust in Him.  We know there is a way.  We can not afford to pay for someone to help us.  We have zero income and we need help.  Our children want to help, but they can only do so much.  My husband is in his early 50's and his health is not very good, we want to make him as comfortable as possible and be able to provide for any extra needs that may arise. We have applied for SSI but have heard nothing. Currently I an not employed, because I am caring for my husband and attending school.  Is there someone who can help us make our lives better, at least for our children.  I am in my early 40's and my children need me along with their dad.        Some one please help us, we would be eternally grateful to any assistance that we receive.  Thank you and God Bless You!  You can contact me at

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Iam in need of financial help, i have three childrens for giving them good education food and shelter i need help. if any one can help i will be great full to you.

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hi all i don't know how this really works but i'm so desperated now. i'm 61/2 moths pregnant and lost my job 01/01/08  new years. great my husban right now works but his job only pays him 260 a week and has a second job partime 50 a week problem was we had 3 deaths in the family and our bills just went behind we owe over 900 for gas, 700 for light, car loan 550,1300 behind rent  i've been very i'll with my pregnancy and well when we try making a payment for something something else goes wrong. i can tell in his face his frustation this morning he had to go and look for coins everywhere just to make $5 for gas. we both believe in god very much and i pray so much to god but i see no aswer. we just need help now and i know we will be just fine..... i tried applying to get a job(i have a great resume) and no one calls me i think i due to my big belly..... i just wanted to share this. i have no food in my fridge i feel terrible and we don't even have eggs to i can make him breakfest,i'm devasted.

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hi im in a serious predicament right now. i  really need to know if anyone has a car tha i could rent from them for two month (june & july) it would help me out alot. i live in houston texas. Thank You

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What rank are you & your husband?

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To All Here,

I think this is an amazing forum.  And I believe I have an interesting prospect for a predicament that I know is not unlike a lot of others.  My husband and myself are both in the military stationed at Fort Lewis, WA.  We were forced to move here when I came down on orders.  This is more than common in the military and it is to be expected.  Anyway, we have a house in Florida that we have been struggling to pay for ever since the move.  We have had a more than hard time keeping renters in the property and have been unable to hand the property over to a real estate agent that could manage the property because we didn't have time to move everything out of the house before we moved.  We have thought about selling the house but fear that we would lose money in the market that exists today.  So, what I am suggesting here is that everyone that reads this entry and feels compelled to do so, donate a dollar to our cause and forward this on so that their friends can donate as well.   Or donate what you see fit and what you can afford.  I don't normally ask others for help; however, I am quite desperate at this point.  I consider myself an average hardworking American and pray that the economy will turn around before we end up losing our house.  In return for all kind gestures I promise that when we are more financially stable, we will pass the gesture on to others.  Sincerely, Gina Petrelli

P.O. Box 246, DuPont, WA 98327 

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Hi everyone.

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I still do not have a job and I still have no income coming in for March. I do not know how I going to pay my bills or my car payments or my health insurance so I can continue getting treatments for Cancer and I do not know how I am going to pay my rent.

Is there anyone out there who can help me.

Please let me know



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Hi everyone lets see if we cant round up a small group and make donations. Even if we each take turns and give 1-5.00 to each other a week, that can help us all out. Im falling in my rent and business bills to the tune of 1200.00.. And I think this would be a good way to help each other. If we have a dedicated group of 200 people ore more and each keep putting in 1.00-20.00. And we all keep in touch to make sure everyone is helping ...wonders can happen. Anyone that wants to start a self help raise of funds group contact me Together we can make a difference. We can also exchange numbers so we can talk as a group. Though aol buddy chat might be easier and cheaper.

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